Petra Ecclestone’s Dad Shocked At Price Of Wedding Booze: $6,350 For Bottle Of Wine!

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

Even a billionaire can get shocked over the price of a drink!

Petra Ecclestone’s lavish $18 million wedding was a star studded event catered by one of the best chef’s in the world and held in a beautiful castle near Rome, but when her father saw the bill for the booze he was shocked!

In an excerpt from a new book about Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula 1 billionaire father of Petra and her socialite sister Tamara, he talks about the wedding, the extravagant prices and why he refused to pay.

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Understanding that it would be an over-the-top wedding, Bernie wanted to pay but was hesitant, and then the bills started flooding in!

“It’s absolutely unbelievable,” Ecclestone said about the costs, in the new book No Angel: The Secret Life of Bernie Ecclestone, by Tom Bower. “It’s very expensive,” he says he told his ex-wife.

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The drinks bill was the first invoice to arrive. The Chateau Petrus allegedly cost $6,350 a bottle!  “I only drank a beer,” said Ecclestone, astonished by the amount. “I’m not paying for this.”

When he asked how much the wedding would cost and was told $18 million Bernie simply said, “I’m not paying. Send it to Slav,” [his ex-wife].

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As previously reported, Slavic Ecclestone picked up the entire tab for the wedding after her ex balked at the prices .

Bernie did buy his daughter Candy Spelling’s $85 million home though, so we guess he made up for it with the wedding gift!


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