John Ramsey Considered Suicide After JonBenét Murder

By Radar Staff

Fifteen years after the shocking murder of his daughter, John Ramsey is speaking out via a new memoir and revealing that he considered suicide after finding JonBenét lifeless body.

“I wanted to escape from the pain,” Ramsey told People.

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JonBenét was a six-year-old beauty queen when she died. Her father found her lifeless body in the basement of the family’s Boulder, Colorado home, and the case quickly gripped the nation.

Ramsey and his wife Patsy, who died of ovarian cancer in 2006, were the prime targets of the local police, and the couple prepared to go to jail, even signing over custody of their son, Burke, to a relative.

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“Patsy joked, ‘Can I have stripes that run vertical? Horizontal are going to make me look fat’,” he recalled.

Nine years old when his sister was murdered, Burke is now a college grad, and has “has certainly matured as a young man,” his father said with pride.

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John was only officially cleared of having any involvement in JonBenét’s death by the Boulder County district attorney in 2008.

Last summer he married fashion designer Jan Rousseau, 54, the mother of two grown daughters.

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The Other Side Of Suffering was released last week.


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