Champion Canadian Skier Sarah Burke In Coma After Accident During Practice

By Radar Staff

Freestyle skiing champ Sarah Burke is in a medically-induced coma at University Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah Thursday, following a crash during practice.

The Tuesday accident in Park City, Utah left the 29-year-old Olympic hopeful in critical condition with a brain injury, Canadian freestyle team CEO Peter Judge told the AP.

Her husband Rory Bushfield said in a statement Wednesday, “Sarah is a very strong young woman, and she will most certainly fight to recover.”

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Judge told the Toronto Globe and Mail his account of how Burke — a four-time X-Games Gold medalist named one of FHM’s 100 sexiest women alive — was injured.

“What I’ve heard, relatively directly, is that she landed a trick down in the bottom end of the pipe, and kind of bounced, from her feet to her head,” he said. “It wasn’t anything that looked like a catastrophic fall, so I’m a bit mystified.”

Snowboarder and Olympic medalist Kevin Pearce suffered a critical brain injury on the same course three years ago. He relearned how to walk and talk during two years of intensive therapy.

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