Brad Pitt Wipeout! Uses Cane After Knee Injury On The Slopes

By Radar Staff

Brad Pitt stole the show at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala Saturday night, and it wasn’t because of his work as an actor — the cameras wanted to catch him hobbling on a cane!

Pitt explained he had wiped out on a ski slope while carrying one of his twins. He twisted his knee, damaging his ACL.

PHOTOS: Brad Pitt Uses A Cane At Palm Springs Film Festival

Brad, who was being honored for his films Moneyball and Tree of Life, had Angelina Jolie at his side for support. His good pal, George Clooney, was also there, with beautiful Stacy Keibler on his arm.

The A-List gridlock also included Olivia Wilde, Gary Oldman, Michelle Williams, Glenn Close, Melissa McCarthy and Charlize Theron.

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