105 LB Woman Wins Turkey Eating Contest, Gobbles Up 5 LB Bird In 10 Minutes

By Radar Staff

How much turkey can one person consume without turning into a Butterball?  A lot, apparently!

It was a big day for competitive eater SonyaThe Black WidowThomas, who was crowned the 2011 Wild Turkey 81 Eating World Champion on Tuesday after gobbling up a 5.25 pound bird in 10 minutes, and RadarOnline.com has photos of her amazing feat.

PHOTOS: 105 Pound Woman Gobbles Up 5.25 Pound Turkey In 10 Minutes

The 105-pound, 42-year-old competitive eater, who is the world champion of several other categories including cheesecake, crawfish, oysters and jalapenos, and is ranked the No. 4 eater in the world, beat out several men for the $1,581 cash prize – including one who was four times her size.

However, don’t expect the petite eater to be gorging on more bird this Thursday.

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“I’m going to eat some Korean food,” she explained.  “That’s enough turkey.”


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