He’s No Goodfella: Robert De Niro To Play Bernie Madoff

By Radar Staff

From Vito Corleone to Rupert Pupkin to Travis Bickle, Robert De Niro has made a career of taking on challenging roles and making them household names.

Now, he’ll step into the role of a household name — and a name that bankrupted many a household — Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff.

Cable network HBO has bought the rights to Truth and Consequences: Inside the Life of the Madoff Family, a book detailing the financier’s swift fall from the penthouse to the penitentiary, and De Niro will play Wall Street’s fallen flimflam man.

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Novelist John Burnham Schwartz will pen the screenplay, Deadline reported.

Fun fact: Characters De Niro’s played based on real-life personalities include his Oscar-winning portrayal of boxer Jake LaMotta in 1980’s Raging Bull; mobster Jimmy Conway (1990’s Goodfellas) and gambling genius Sam “Ace” Rothstein (1995’s Casino).

Truth and Consequences: Inside the Life of the Madoff Family is in stores now.



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