Caught On Tape! Helicopter Installing Christmas Tree Crashes In New Zealand

By Radar Staff

A helicopter helping to install a seven-story Christmas tree in Auckland, New Zealand Wednesday crashed in dramatic fashion, and it was all caught on tape!

It happened when the helicopter’s rotors hit a cable meant to hold up the tree. In just a matter of seconds, the copter was nearly ripped in two and plunged to the ground in a mangled mess.

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Pilot Greg Gribble, dressed in a fluorescent safety vest, was violently tossed around the cockpit like a rag doll; he appeared to fall out of the helicopter’s door before his harness snapped him back inside.

Gribble – who has 20-years of flying experience — crawled out of the wreckage as people rushed to help him; somehow, he escaped serious injury.

Gribble said he’s “doing fine” after his ordeal.


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