Androgynous Male Model Andrej Pejic Dresses Up Like School Girl

By Leah OrnsteinRadar Style & Beauty Editor

The fashion world can’t get enough of dude-looks-like-a-lady male model Andrej Pejic!

Back in January 2010, the gender-bending gent posed for Yen Magazine dressed up as a preppy schoolgirl in a spread called “School Reunion” – and has all the photos.

PHOTOS: Andrej Pejic Is School Girl Chic

In the sexy images shot by Cory White, Pejic and another model JJ are clad in retro, hipster duds, posing in front of what looks like a school.

Besides drinking out of milk cartons and soda cans and lounging on tree trunks, in one of the shots Pejic clutches onto an issue of Playboy magazine!

PHOTOS: Andrej Pejic Dressed Up Like A Woman On The Catwalk

As previously reported, Pejic stirred up controversy when he revealed to Grazia magazine that he “can’t eat much” to maintain his 25-inch runway ready waistline.


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