Sister Wives Are Back! It’s Not A Harem!

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

The Sister Wives are back and in this exclusive clip from the third season premiere, obtained by, the kids are allowed to have a coed pool party!

The polygamist family headed by Kody Brown and his four wives are unconventional, but struggle to find ways for their kids to interact with other children from outside their family.

“We’re a pretty conservative family so the fact that we were having a co-ed pool party was a little on the fringe for me, so we were keeping an eye on the kids,” Kody admitted.

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The family has moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, after their emotional departure from Utah, and are having a difficult time adjusting to the move so the party is a time for Kody and his four wives to get to know their kids’ friends and their parents.

One couple who chatted with Kody and his wives joked that Logan, the only boy at the party with the girls was “with a harem.”

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Kody quickly shot that comparison down though: “That’s not a harem, careful!”

Tune into the third season of the highly anticipated show to watch as the family adjusts to their new home, a new baby, and the pressure that comes from their controversial lifestyle.

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Sister Wives season three premieres Sunday, September 25 at 9pm on TLC.

Watch a sneak peek of the season three premiere on below:


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