Wyclef Jean ‘I’m A Huge Fan Of Sarah Palin’

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

He might have played at Barack Obama’s inauguration, but Wyclef Jean also really likes Sarah Palin.

The Haiti native, who lost his bid to become president of his home country, was talking about the many virtues of the former vice presidential candidate Monday night at a post-fashion show party.

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“I have to tell you this, I am a huge fan of Sarah Palin,” Jean said at the after party for the Donna Karen Collection show. 

Why does he like the spunky Alaska native?  “Cause she’s rad. She’s shrewd.  She’s cool. Because at the end of the day, I’m for the people, because this is the United States of America…this is what America’s really about,” the Fugees band member said. “Anyone should have the right to say, ‘Look I can do the job and this is what qualifies me to do the job.’”

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There is one person who might not be as big a Sarah Palin fan though.  “Now my wife probably will debate and disagree with me,” Jean told Women’s Wear Daily.

Palin has not yet announced if she is running for President in 2012, and the current republican candidates are vying for the lead position in a race that is a year away, and Jean defended his fondness for her.

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“I’m not saying she could be the next president, you know, but there’s something about her. Heavy debates in my  house,” he said. ”Whenever I say Sarah Palin, people think I’m crazy, but I like her, I do.  I can like whoever. This is America, right?”

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