Family Of Rebecca Zahau Beg Police: ‘We Want Her Things Back’

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

The devastated family of Rebecca Zahau — the woman who police say committed suicide at her billionaire boyfriend’s mansion in Coronado, California — says Rebecca’s personal belongings haven’t been returned to them, and they won’t be until a judge releases them.

“The police still have Rebecca’s computer and cell phone,” Snowem Horwath, Rebecca’s sister, exclusively told  “We want Rebecca’s things back so that nothing can happen to them.”

The San Diego Sheriff’s Department held an extensive news conference on Friday, announcing their belief that Rebecca committed suicide and that the case was closed, so the family expected that they would have their beloved Rebecca’s things back.

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“We don’t understand what the police are doing with her things,” Snowem said.  “We are worried about what will happen to her stuff if we don’t get it back soon.”

Lt. Larry Nesbit of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department exclusively told that in order for the family to retrieve Rebecca’s belongings they would have to make a formal request to a judge.  “Her property was seized by a search warrant so the family would have to get the judge to order the things returned to the family,” he explained.

The family attorney Anne Bremner confirms that they are requesting Rebecca’s belongings be returned to them as soon as possible.

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Zahau was found hanging naked at the Shacknai mansion in Coronado with her hands and feet bound, a t-shirt wrapped around her neck and stuffed in her mouth.

The family claims that Rebecca was not depressed or suicidal, despite a tragic accident involving her boyfriend’s 6-year-old son Max, who fell off the staircase and was rushed to the hospital two days before Rebecca’s death.  He died just days later.

As exclusively reported, Rebecca’s sister Snowem doesn’t believe her sister committed suicide and insists that she met with a much darker death.

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“I believe my sister was murdered, and I think I know who did it,” she exclusively told

The authorities have said that the only way to re-open the case would be if new evidence surfaced, but Rebecca’s family and lawyer have asked the police them to keep the case open and continue their investigation into Rebecca’s gruesome death.



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