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Levi Johnston Picks Who’s Hottest: Bristol Vs. Sarah Palin

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

Who is hotter, Sarah Palin or her daughter Bristol

Well, Levi Johnston definitely has an opinon and RadarOnline.com has the audio from a radio interview where he picked which one of the Palin women he’d rather have sex with.

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On WLS Radio Chicago’s Roe Conn & Richard Reoper Show, radio legend Steve Dahl joined the crew and asked the 21-year-old Alaskan author of Deer In the Headlights “Who would you do?”

“Forget about being in love.  Who is hotter?  Bristol or Sarah?  If somebody put a gun to your head. Pick one…. Bristol or Sarah,” Dahl asked.

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“I don’t know,” Levi admitted.  “Bristol’s probably hotter but Sarah has the money, right?”

Cleary Levi has his priorities straight.

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But he finally fessed up that he could make a decision between the two. 

“I’d probably have to stick with Bristol,” Levi said about his baby mama (they have a son together named Tripp)

Listen To Levi’s Interview


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