Fashion Designer John Galliano Convicted Of Making Anti-Semitic Remarks

Former Dior designer John Galliano has been convicted in Paris of hate crimes after making anti-Semitic and racist remarks on two separate occasions, is reporting.

The controversial Brit, 50, was found guilty Thursday of making “public insults” based on origin, religion, race or ethnicity after two incidents at a bar in February, 2011 and October, 2010.

(Neither case was directly related to a third incident – Galliano’s infamous video in which he professed his love for Hitler).

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Under French law, Galliano could have faced up to six months  in prison and a fine up to $31,622, but the flamboyant designer won’t be required to serve any time behind bars.

Instead, the court imposed a  fine of 6,000 euros ($8,500) , but suspended it — meaning he will not have to pay it, unless he is convicted of any crime in France for five years.

Instead, he was ordered to pay a symbolic one euro fine to one of the plaintiffs in the case.
(He was, however, ordered to pay a 90-euros court cost to the French government).

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Galliano was not in court to hear the ruling, but he did attend the trial itself, which lasted one day on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters outside the courtroom, his attorney Aurélien Hamelle called it a “wise decision” and said that  Galliano was  “very relieved.”

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The AP quoted the judge in the case as saying Galliano had “sufficient awareness of his act despite his addiction and his fragile state,” but that the court took Galliano’s apology to the plaintiffs into account and noted the “values of tolerance” in the designer’s work.

Galliano was fired by Dior following the incidents.



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