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Ashton Kutcher Gets Naked On Ellen!

By Radar Staff

And you thought Matthew McConaughey couldn’t keep his clothes on.

On the heels of Two and a Half Men’s “All Will Be Revealed” promotional campaign, Ashton Kutcher is stripping once again — this time, for Ellen DeGeneres!

Kutcher, 33, appears on Ellen’s season premiere show Monday, September 12 and does the interview nude!

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“We’re going to start pretty soon, so maybe you want to change?” Ellen asks Kutcher, who was wearing only a robe when she greeted him in the show’s green room.

“Oh no, I’m ready,” Kutcher answers. “This is it. [The Two and a Half Men ad] is getting a lot of attention, so I just figured I’m going to do everything nude from now on.”

And yes — he then drops his robe!

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“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” says Ellen.

Whatever I’m doing, I’m just going to do it nude,” Kutcher replies. “Let’s do this!”

The new season of Two and a Half Men premieres Monday, September 19th.



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