Russell Armstrong’s Remains Will Not Be Present At Memorial Service

By Neil WoulfeRadar Senior News Director

When a private memorial service is held this Wednesday for the late Russell Armstrong, the estranged husband of Real Lives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong who committed suicide, his remains will not be present, is exclusively reporting.

“There will be no remains present. And the family may witness the placement of his urn on Thursday or Friday”, a source tells

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The memorial will be held at 3pm PT Wednesday at the Church of the Hills at Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills — the same church where actress Brittany Murphy was memorialized after her sudden death in 2009.

Family, friends, and costars from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are expected to attend the memorial, which will be closed to the public.

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Armstrong’s body was found late Monday, August 15 in the bedroom of a friend’s home in Los Angeles where he had been staying. Authorities have ruled his death a suicide by hanging. He was 47.

His remains have been cremated and his ashes will be divided among his family and his wife.

Taylor Armstrong Living In Rental House; May Be Responsible For Late Husband’s Debts

As has previous reported, in wake of Armstrong’s death, his parents and sister were initially furious with Taylor, feeling they were being kept in the dark about funeral plans for Russell; however, it appears any conflict has now been resolved.

Russell Armstrong’s lawyer, Ronald Richards, tells PEOPLE: “It’s my understanding that Taylor has indicated to Russell’s nephew that Russell’s family can take most of the remains back to Texas,” Richards says. “They have a family cemetery there. … She also wants some of his remains, so I’m assuming she will agree to cremate him.”

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Russell and Taylor Armstrong were in the midst of divorce when he killed himself. The couple has a 5-year-old daughter Kennedy.



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