Redmond O’Neal Wants Additional Drug Treatment Following Relapse

By Jen HegerRadar Legal Editor

Redmond O’Neal wants to get additional drug treatment after his recent relapse which resulted in his arrest, is exclusively reporting.

Redmond is currently in jail in Los Angeles after he was charged with felony possession of heroin. He has a court appearance in front of Judge Keith Schwartz on Wednesday, at which time a date will be set for his preliminary hearing.

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Redmond’s sister Tatum, and father Ryan O’Neal will be at the hearing on Wednesday, a source close to the situation says: “Tatum and Ryan will both be in court to show their support for Redmond. He isn’t allowed to have any visitors besides his lawyer, but Tatum just wants to see him, to make sure he is ok.

“Redmond is an addict, and he knows that. He wants to get more drug treatment for his addiction to heroin. Heroin addicts have a very hard time staying in recovery because the drug is so powerful. Redmond knows he is his own worst enemy,” the insider says.

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“Redmond knows that he is in a heap of trouble because of his heroin arrest. Redmond doesn’t want to stay behind bars, he genuinely wants to get help for his addiction. Jail isn’t a place for addicts. There is a chance that the case could be resolved on Wednesday. Judge Schwartz could determine Redmond’s fate for the next several years,” the family insider says.
will be in court on Wednesday, and will bring you all the latest developments on the story.


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