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Controversial Kids Lingerie Line Designer Shocked By Outrage

By Leah OrnsteinRadar Style & Beauty Editor

After stirring up a media uproar for a provocative new lingerie line targeted at 4-to-12-year-olds and a racy advertising campaign to go along with it, Sophie Morin, the designer of French label Jours Apres Lunes, has released a statement exclusively to RadarOnline.com, expressing her shock over the controversy. 

Several fashion industry experts and bloggers have blasted the the “loungerie” line, which markets bras, panties and loungewear to kids. The issue was brought to attention on Monday by Fashionista who noted: “What’s disturbing about Jours Apres Lunes is not just the fact that it’s lingerie for people who probably shouldn’t be old enough to even know what lingerie is, but the photographs on their website.”

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Morin is shocked over the controversy and believes that there is nothing scandalous about their product or their advertising campaign. She explains to Radar that the photos depict nothing more than children playing games and that none of them are wearing heels, nail polish or lipstick. 

As for the plentiful amount of skin exposed (belly, legs) the designer simply states that there is no more skin exposed than as kids on the beach.

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She even compares the scenario to children being depicted in “cowboys & Indians” themes, posing the question: Does that make them future criminals?

Morin, who has worked in the industry for 15 years, maintains that this is the first time she has been under blast and that she has all the support of the French fashion industry.


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