Jennifer Lopez Video Hunk Responds To Sexual Battery Charges: Demands Jury Trial

By Amber GoodhandRadar Reporter

The hunky actor that starred in Jennifer Lopez’s I’m Into You music video is being sued for sexual battery of a minor, but William Levy claims the encounter was consensual and is demanding a jury trial in the case. has exclusively obtained Levy’s response to the lawsuit in which he states the plaintiff, who we are keeping anonymous because she is a minor, “gave consent to any and all alleged acts” and that the alleged victim “willfully, fraudulently, and maliciously deceived [Levy] into believing that she was a 19-year-old consenting adult.”

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS: Jennifer Lopez Video Hunk Responds To Battery Lawsuit

As we first reported, court documents filed on July 19, 2010 allege: “Through deception and trickery Levy, with the aid of several members of his entourage, lured Plaintiff back to the Hilton Hotel in Glendale. Plaintiff, who was infatuated with Levy – a rising star of international renown for his work on Spanish language telenovelas – wanted his autograph.”

The papers went on to say that Levy “forced Plaintiff to perform [sex act] on him, strangling her in the process. He e****lated in her mouth, on her person, through which he transmitted a sexual disease to plaintiff. Plaintiff was subsequently taken to urgent care at Concentra Medical Center by a friend.”

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Levy claims in his September 30, 2010, response that the alleged victim “was at no point, whatsoever, physically restrained” and states that her physical and emotional distress was “self-inflicted.”

Levy, 30, claims the minor tried to exhort $950,000 from him in exchange for her silence and that local authorities “conducted a complete and thorough investigation of [Plaintiff’s] allegations, including interviewing Levy and witnesses and concluded that there was no probable cause sufficient to proceed in a criminal action against Levy.”

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The unnamed minor asked for $2.5 million in damages and Levy countersued for defamation and extortion.

Because Levy is a Miami resident and the alleged victim is a Southern California resident, the case has been moved to a federal court.

The lawsuit is still active and no trial date has been put on the calendar yet.


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