Shia LaBeouf: Director Michael Bay Is ‘Aggressive, Hard To Work For And Demanding’

By Adam S. LevyRadar Staff Writer

Michael Bay didn’t direct Horrible Bosses, but maybe he should have.

The Hollywood director, known for his big budget films and his larger-than-life presence, is “aggressive, hard to work for and demanding,” one of his frequent leading men, Shia LaBeouf, told David Letterman on Monday’s The Late Show.

“He’s a caricature of a director,” LaBeouf, 25, said of Bay, adding that film interns are honored to get chastised by the high-octane director behind action classics such as Armageddon, The Rock, and all of the Transformers films.

“It’s a dream to get screamed at by Bay,” the young A-lister said. “It’s like being insulted by Don Rickles!”

LaBeouf, who said he’s been working with Bay for six years, explained that while he might be intense, he’s definitely the right man for the job.

“These movies are aggressive and you need a captain,” LaBeouf said.

Bay’s clashes with stars such as Bruce Willis and Megan Fox have made headlines in Hollywood over the years.

As we reported last week, Fox’s printed comments that Bay “wants to be like Hitler on his sets” infuriated Transformers producer Steven Spielberg, who had her fired from the Transformers series as a result.

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens Wednesday.


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