EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jackson Family Child Protective Services Incident — What Really Happened

By Amber Goodhand
RadarOnline.com Staff Reporter

The family of the late superstar Michael Jackson made headlines when an incident involving a stun-gun  prompted Child Protective Services to launch an investigation, but Alejandra Jackson tells RadarOnline.com it was all an innocent mistake.

“Nobody was chasing people, he would never do something like that or harm nobody,” Alejandra said about her son Jaafar, who ordered a stun-gun online in March, 2010, and was later accused of attempting to use it on Michael ‘s youngest son, Blanket.

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“Things happen. My child ordered something that he didn’t think there was nothing wrong with it. He thought there was nothing wrong with it that he actually mentioned it at dinner time.”

Alejandra, who had Jaafar with Jermaine Jackson, claims that when the package came to the Hayvenhurst compound it was taken away by security and it wasn’t until three weeks later that CPS showed up at their home.

“My mother-in-law call me, ‘Alejandra come downstairs, Child Services is here,'” Alejandra recalled.

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“Well of course, it’s Michael Jackson’s kids, it’s the Jackson family.”

CPS chose to investigate the Jackson family for a week, even though Alejandra said a member of their security was able to produce the stun-gun, still in the original box.




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