Desperate Housewives Star Arrested — Wife’s Tricky Call To His Dad (And He’s A Judge!)

By Cliff Renfrew
Radar Staff Reporter

Desperate Housewives star Ricardo Chavira got his wife to tell his father, Texas Judge Juan Antonio Chavira,  that he was arrested for a DUI.

The real life drama —  which plays like something that scheming Carlos Solis would do to his wife Gabby (Eva Longoria) on the hit ABC show  —  unfolded after Chavira’s early morning arrest in Los Angeles.

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And the actor’s wife, Marcea Dietzel, made the tricky telephone call to Bexar County Judge Chavira to reveal the bad news.

Judge Chavira  exclusively told Radar “I got a call from my daughter-in-law to tell me that my son had been arrested for a DUI this morning.”

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“His publicist also called me, but at the moment I do not have any other details about what happened and that is the truth.”

“I have still not spoken to my son.”

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Chavira was released from the Van Nuys Jail tuesday morning after posting $25,000 bail. He refused to take a blood/alcohol test after he was pulled over in Los Angeles at around 2.20am  PT on Tuesday.

The 39-year-old actor married Marcea Dietzel in 2007 and is one of the longest running cast members on Desperate Housewives; his other TV credits include Six Feet Under, NYPD Blue and City Of Angels.

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He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife; he has two children.


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