PHOTOS: The Shortest (And Sexiest!) Bikini Babes In Hollywood

What these Hollywood stars lack in height, they make up for in sexiness! has photos of the shortest — and sexiest — bikini babes on the beach in this special photo feature. Click the next sentence to see the shortest and sexiest stars in Hollywood stripped down.

PHOTOS: The Shortest (And Sexiest!) Bikini Babes In Hollywood

Kim Kardashian never looks tiny on the red carpet, with the help of towering Christian Louboutin platforms, but the curvy reality show star is actually only 5’2″. And when Kim takes off her stilettos and hits the beach in her skimpy and boobilicious bikinis, no one is paying attention to her height!

Click Here To See Kim Kardashian’s Covetable Curves In A Bikini

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Snooki may have one of the biggest personalities on the Jersey Shore, but the feisty star couldn’t be any smaller! The bikini bad girl is only 5’9″, which is only two inches shorter than sassy singer Shakira.

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Click Here To See Shakira’s Six Pack In A Bikini

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Reese Witherspoon and Kristen Bell are both bikini blondes who measure up just above five feet. While Academy Award winning Reese touts 5’2″ of southern sexiness, Kristen’s hard body comes in at 5’1″.

Click Here To See Reese Witherspoon’s Ravishing Bikini Body

Click Here To See Kristen Bell’s Beautiful Bikini Bod

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And Carrie Underwood may have a lot in common with Taylor Swift, but height isn’t one of those. While Taylor is one of the tallest stars on the stage, American Idol Carrie is on the shorter side at 5’3″.

Click Here To See Carrie Underwood’s Crazy Bikini Bod

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What other stars have the shortest and sexiest bikini bods on the beach? Click here to find out.



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