PHOTOS: Sam Ronson Sports Bruised Face After Bike Accident

Celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson was spotted walking around Beverly Hills Tuesday with marks on her forehead after a bike accident this weekend, and has the photos.

The 33-year-old former girlfriend of Lindsay Lohan fell off her bike near her home in Venice, California on Saturday when she was forced to make a quick swerve to avoid a car that came out of nowhere.

After posting a photograph of her beat-up face on her blog, Ronson sounded out a warning to other bikers with a caption that simply read: “Wear a helmet kids!”

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But the notorious party-girl also used her Twitter page to tell followers that she had not been drinking prior to the crash.

“[I] wasn’t drunk,” she clarified in a Tweet.

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Ronson also used Twitter to answer some questions surrounding the accident.

When a fan asked her “Are You Ok?”, she replied: “Yes sir!! :) Just a little uglier than usual. Other than that, vicodin is handling the rest.”

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She also answered one user’s question of “How did this happen?” with a simple answer: “avoiding a car!”

While her on/off girlfriend Lohan was in New York trying to land a part in the new movie about notorious mob boss John Gotti, the DJ treated herself to a popsicle as she tried to take her mind of any pain she might still be in following the accident.



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