EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Prosecutor Starts Prepping Witnesses; Warns Testimony Will Be ‘Grueling’

Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers is warning her witnesses to expect “grueling cross examination by defense attorney Shawn Holley,” as she preps for the first step in the criminal trial against Lindsay Lohan, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

The preliminary hearing, to determine if there is sufficient evidence to order Lohan to stand trial, is scheduled for Friday, April 22.

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Meyers had originally planned on calling only the investigating officers to testify.

But because of a legal technicality that could have resulted in Lohan being sentenced for being in violation of her DUI probation at the conclusion of the trial and not at the end of the preliminary hearing, Meyers is calling the jewelry store owner and the female employee who was working the day of the alleged theft to the stand.

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If the judge finds there is enough evidence to send Lohan to trial, that in itself will result in a probation violation, and Meyers wants to make certain that Lindsay will be sentenced immediately following the hearing.

A source close to the case tells us: “Meyers has met with the store owner, Sofia Kaman for at least two hours. Meyers has also met with the female employee, and is preparing both of the witnesses for what is expected to be grueling questioning from Lindsay’s attorney.

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Much of the preparation is being spent on Sofia’s testimony, because she made the decision to sell the surveillance video. But Meyers believes Sofia will be an excellent witness for the prosecution, the source reveals. She has yet to see one dime from the sale of the video.

Meyers expects Shawn to grill Kaman about her motivation for selling the surveillance video. Holley will seek to raise doubts about Sofia’s credibility, the source adds.

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The preliminary hearing is expected to last two to three days, and at the conclusion, Judge Stephanie Sautner will determine if there is enough evidence for the case to go to trial. If she does, our source tells us, “Meyers will ask that Lindsay be remanded into custody immediately for the probation violation.”


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