XXXpect A Lawsuit Capri Anderson, Charlie Sheen Is Still Coming After You!

For a man who has had little trouble finding porn stars in the past, it seems bizarre that Charlie Sheen can’t find the one who catapulted his craziness into the headlines.

The ex-Two and a Half Men star sent a lawyer to a Los Angeles court again Monday, to tell a judge he has tried and failed to locate Capri Anderson, the porn star and high-priced escort who was with the actor in the New York Plaza Hotel in October, 2010, when he went on a very publicized bender.

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She accused the actor of assault and battery, claiming he threw a lamp and threatened to kill her.

In response, Sheen said Anderson stole his $165,000 diamond encrusted Patek Philippe watch during their date and later demanded $1 million for her silence about his action on that fateful night.

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His lawyer wanted permission to notify Bronx-raised sex performer of the legal action through a published announcement, reports the New York Daily News.

But Judge Norman Tarle rejected the request.

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“We are informed that Anderson uses various aliases and often checks into hotels or enters into short-term residential arrangements using names other than her real name,” Sheen’s lawyer Michael Holtz wrote in his filing.

The porn star’s lawyer, Keith Davidson, refused to accept service of the suit, claiming he’d lost contact with the adult film star.

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“The only people in the world who can’t find Capri Anderson are Charlie Sheen and his lawyers,” he said, noting her numerous interviews and public appearances in the last four months, including a well-publicized pole dancing appearance at New York’s Scores a couple of weeks ago.

“This lawsuit is nothing more than a public relations stunt.”


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