EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen’s Comeback — The LIVE Stage Show

Brandishing a sword and carrying a bottle of so-called ‘Tiger Blood’, Charlie Sheen met with executives of Live Nation Entertainment on Monday to talk about the possibility of taking his ‘act’ on a nationwide tour.

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The former star of Two and a Half Men met with executives at Live Nation Entertainment in Los Angeles in the hour after Warner Bros. Television fired him from TV’s highest rating sitcom.

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RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned Sheen had booked the 3pm meeting BEFORE the studio’s stunning decision.

“It would be a series of live theatrical shows,” said one source, with knowledge of the situation.

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The move would keep the embattled Hollywood stars in front of audiences, while he negotiates his next small or silver screen step.

The revue would be similar to Conan O’Brien’s comeback tour which performed to sold out shows around the nation while he sat out his NBC non-compete clause.

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Sheen, 45, would also sell his official line of merchandise including hot ticket item —  a “WINNING” T-shirt!

Sheen told RadarOnline.com: “I need to gobble up all these f*ckin’ posers and bootleggers and make them go away. Then we’re gonna deliver the real f*ckin’ t-shirts and mugs and hats.”

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