PHOTOS: The Hottest Armed Bikini Babes In Hollywood

Booties, boobs, abs and legs aren’t the only body parts that stars show off in their barely there bikinis. From bigscreen bombshells to sizzling hot supermodels, has photos of the most amazingly armed bodies, stripped down into their skimpy swimsuits. Click the next sentence to see the hottest armed bikini babes in Hollywood.

Click Here To See The Hottest Armed Bikini Babes In Hollywood

Jennifer Aniston has one of the most figures in Hollywood, equipped with a gorgeous set of guns. The former Friend keeps her arms amazingly chiseled through her devoted workout regiment, and loves to show off all of the hard work in her collection of bombshell bikinis.

Click Here To See Jennifer Aniston’s Amazing Arms

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Don’t try and arm wrestle with these sexy bikini babes! Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner get paid the big bucks to kick butt on the bigscreen, so it isn’t surprising that the beauties have rock hard arms.

Click Here To See Jessica Alba Showing Off Her Gorgeous Guns

Click Here To See Jessica Biel’s Beautiful Arms

Click Here To See Jennifer Garner’s Arms

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AnnaLynne McCord may be super skinny, but she still manages to maintain bombshell biceps.  We love when the 90210 siren strips down and shows off her fat-free figure in frilly bikinis, bringing heat to beach in the best way possible.

Click Here To See AnnaLynne McCord’s Bombshell Biceps

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How do Madonna and J. Lo keep their biceps banging?  By dancing the fat away!

Click Here To See Madonna’s Awesome Arms

Click Here To See J. Lo’s Hot Arms

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To see all of the most amazingly armed bikini babes in Hollywood, click here.



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