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PHOTOS: Bikini Babes Who Have Bared (Almost) All On The Big Screen!

These sexy stars aren’t shy when it comes to stripping off their clothes and baring their beautiful bods on the big screen or on the beach. RadarOnline.com has photos of the most sizzling bikini bods in Hollywood, who have done skinful nudity on the big screen. Click the next sentence to see bikini babes who have gone nude in movies.

Click Here Too See Bikini Babes Who Have Stripped Down For The Big Screen

Reese Witherspoon may be America’s Sweetheart, but the southern beauty hasn’t always played innocent on the screen. In 1998, the bikini blonde starred in a movie called Twilight, where she bared her boobs in a racy shower scene.

Click Here To See Reese Witherspoon Stripped Down Into Her Bikini

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Malin Akerman is rising up through the ranks of Hollywood into leading lady status, so we were shocked to learn that the beautiful blonde took off her clothes in the stoner flick Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle! For those who missed it, don’t fret — Malin will surely be showing off more than her tatas in the upcoming Linda Lovelace biop Inferno, portraying the notorious Deep Throat pornstar.

Click Here To Malin Akerman Flaunting Her Fabulous Figure In A Bikini

PHOTOS: Topless Bikini Babes

One of America’s favorite Friends (and bikini babes!) gave the world a glimpse of her famous figure in both The Good Girl and The Break-Up. Jennifer Aniston bared her breasts like never before in the Jake Gyllenhaal indie film, going on to show off her blessed booty in the Vince Vaughn romantic comedy.

Click Here To See Jennifer Aniston Showing Off Her Bikini Bod

PHOTOS: Stars Who Have Done Full Frontal Nudity In Films

And we all know how amazing Jessica Biel looks in a bikini, but the only time she ever got on the stripper stage, and completely revealed her assets, was in the movie Powder Blue.

Click Here To See Jessica Biel’s Covetable Cuves In A Bikini

PHOTOS: The Best Booty’s On The Beach

From Jennifer Connelly’s nude sunbathing scene to Demi Moore’s Striptease, see all the bikini babes who have bared their bodies on the big screen by clicking here.



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