VIDEO: Jenelle Gives Up Custody Of Her Son On Explosive Teen Mom 2

Jenelle’s problems continued on Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, as the immature North Carolinian finally relinquished legal custody of her son Jace to a woman she can barely get along with, her mother Barbara.

“I’m glad I’m not going to court, but I hope I’m making the right decision,” Jenelle , 19,  said of her decision to give up custody of her baby son.

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Of course, the custody agreement comes with hard feelings, as Jenelle finds herself torn between the natural instincts of motherhood and her teen impulses to mall hop and party with her pals.

In hopes of salvaging a bad situation, Jenelle tentatively agreed to try and get along with Barbara, which to no one’s surprise, didn’t last long.

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The two had another blow-up after Jenelle wanted to take her son to the grocery store, which Barbara said was a no-go.

“I have papers and I’m under custody!” Barbara yelled at Jenelle, who said in response, “Good riddance … leave and don’t come back.”

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We’ll see if these two can try and make it work for the baby’s sake when Teen Mom 2 returns on MTV Tuesday at 10/9c.


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