VIDEO: Bill O’Reilly Producer Booted From Snooki Signing

Snooki wouldn’t come on The O’Reilly Factor, so The O’Reilly Factor came to her.

On Monday’s episode of the Fox News program, Bill O’Reilly said he’s been trying to get the Jersey Shore star to appear on his show, with little success.

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O’Reilly then aired a clip in which his producer Jesse Watters tried to interview the pint-size media sensation at one of her book signings, over the loud protests of her publicists and handlers. 

Snooki looked confused at the ensuing pandemonium; when Watters asked her if she watches The O’Reilly Factor, she said, “Not really,” before the  persistent producer was tossed from the bookstore.

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“Well that makes about 872 stores Watters is banned from!” O’Reilly said of his producer. “He’s gotta do all his shopping by mail.”

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VIDEO: Snooki Arrested On Jersey Shore


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