EXCLUSIVE: Octo-Mom Avoids Eviction — For Now

Despite her note-holder telling us last week that he was going to start the eviction process against Nadya Suleman on December 31, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that Octo-Mom and her kids are still in their LaHabre, CA home with no “Eviction Notice” nailed to the door.

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Amer Haddadin owns the disputed house.  He sold it to Nadya in 2009 but because she couldn’t get her own bank loan, he transferred the title to her under a note that required her to pay it off  in a year, with monthly payments of just over $4,000 and the final balloon payment of $450,000 due in October, 2010.

She missed that balloon payment, and Amer has been threatening to evict her ever since.

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Now in a twist worthy of the Octo-Mom tale, her former publicist Victor Munoz — who once called Nadya “nuts” —  is working with Haddadin!

“Amer didn’t start the eviction as planned because I may have found someone to purchase the note,” Munoz tells RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

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“We have a meeting set up, and if all goes as planned, the new owner actually wants Nadya to stay in the house,” Munoz revealed.

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“She won’t be happy about who the new owner is if it all works out, but at least she and the kids won’t be on the street.”


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