PHOTOS: Bikini Wars! Big Boobs Vs. Small Boobs

Is big beautiful? Or do you subscribe to the theory: big isn’t always better?

PHOTOS: Bikini Wars!  Big Boobs Vs. Small Boobs

It is a battle of the boobs when Hollywood’s sexiest stars show off their top-half assets in skimpy bikinis.

Whether their bust is big or small, only the best-chested babe will take home the Bikini Wars gold in‘s special photo feature.

With her statuesque figure and flawless face, there is no question why Brazilian babe Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the highest paid supermodels in the world.

One thing Ale doesn’t have?  A busting bosom like American beauty Brooklyn Decker!

The Sports Illustrated model makes waves whenever she hits the surf in her skimpy bikinis. 

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Olivia Wilde and Katherine Heigl both have a little experience in the ER – and also know how to show off their hot bodies in sexy swimsuits on the beach.

While the House hottie makes the most of her small assets, by keeping the rest of her body fit and fabulous, the former Grey’s Anatomy star draws all the attention to her gorgeous globes, with the help of a scanty bikini top. 

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PHOTOS: Bikini Bad Girls!  Trouble Makers Strip Down

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are ex-BFF’s who both bared all in racy sex tapes.

While the blonde heiress proudly parades her modest bust around the beach in skimpy bikinis, the brunette bombshell totes one of the most impressive set in Hollywood.  

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PHOTOS: Bikinis! Hollywood’s Sexiest Singles Strip Down

When it comes to bikini bad girls, Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan both know a thing or too about getting into trouble.

While small chested Nicole battled her demons earlier in life (and has a scalding hot body to prove it) the big-busted Lohan is still in the process of rehabbing her image.

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PHOTOS: Bikini Wars! Stars With Real Boobs Vs. Fake Boobs

From big screen bombshells to sexy singers, see Hollywood’s hottest battle in out in’s Bikini Wars!


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