PHOTOS: Amber Portwood Reunites With Baby Daddy Gary But Just For The TV Cameras

Amber Portwood played the loving mom Friday outside her Indiana home.  The controversial Teen Mom star welcomed her ex, Gary Shirley into the house, so he could deliver a present to their daughter Leah, has learned.

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But as the scene played out the Teen Mom cameras rolled, and as soon as it was all in the can, Shirley drove off.

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That’s when Amber’s new boyfriend Clinton Yunker appeared!  He then spent hours helping Amber put up Christmas decorations, with some of that fun captured for the MTV series as well.

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Amber’s mothering skills are still under the watchful eye of the Indiana Department of Child Protective Services who briefly took Leah away from her last month following a televised incident when Portwood beat and kicked Shirley, and Amber being charged with domestic violence.


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