PHOTO: The Best And Worst Bikini Booties — Flabby Or Fit?

What stars have bangin’ bikini backsides when they strip down into their sexy swimsuits, and who looks more flab than fab?

PHOTOS: The Best And Worst Bikini Booties — Flabby Or Fit? has compiled photos of the best and worst booties on the beach, and you will be shocked at what we uncovered!

Victoria’s Secret Angels get paid the big bucks to prance around in skimpy lingerie and swimsuits, so it isn’t surprising that their booties are banging!  Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima have some of the firmest fannies on the planet, and love to make a splash in their sexy bikinis.  Donatella Versace is a designing woman with a not-so-chic derriere.  At 55-years-old the Italian glamour girl has no problem shedding her couture clothes and slipping into itty bitty bikinis, putting her flabbiest feature on display.

AnnaLynne McCord is a sexy star with the hardest bikini bod in the 90210 zipcode.  The red-hot bikini babe has a perfectly chiseled backside, which she shows off any chance she gets.

See AnnaLynne’s fabulous fanny here.

And while Britney Spears dances her booty into tip-top shape, Ke$ha needs to a little more TiK ToK’ing if she wants a hard bikini backside like Brit Brit’s.

See Britney’s booty here and Ke$ha’s here

Kim Kardashian didn’t earn the nickname The Tush for nothing!  The sexy reality show star manages to keep her booty round and firm-just the way we like it.

See Kim’s bodacious backside here.

From reality stars Kate Gosselin and Kelly Bensimon to bigscreen babes Sienna Miller and Lindsay Lohan, find out which of your favorite celebs have the fittest and flabbiest booties in’s special photo feature.


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