My WikiLeaks Dad ‘Declared Me A Sociopath,’ Says Son

The controversial Australian founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has a warrant out for his arrest in Sweden but that hasn’t stopped his 20-year-old son Daniel Assange from making bold statements about his father online, has learned.

Inside The WikiLeaks Scandal: Who Is Julian Assange?

“Father declared me a sociopath, mother thinks I’m a monster and this romantic situation is oh-so-very-uncomfortable,” Daniel posted on his Twitter account Sunday morning.

Daniel deleted the post shortly after writing it, but saw the original Tweet, which was posted under the trending topic #TweetYour16YearOldSelf.

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Daniel’s mother has never been publicly identified, but Julian reportedly had Daniel when he was 18-years-old and hasn’t had a close relationship with his son since a falling out in 2007.

While Julian’s current whereabouts are unknown, he is facing growing legal problems around the globe, with Sweden, Australia and now the U.S. making aggressive legal moves against him.

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WikiLeaks made headlines after publishing over 250,000 pages of classified U.S. documents and the 39-year-old is the target of a criminal probe in Australia for a possible security breach, leading New York Rep. Peter King to dub him a terrorist.

In another Tweet, Daniel posted a comment from a friend, which read: ”To treat Assange as a leaker when he is, in fact, a journalist is not only morally confusing, it’s quite dangerous to journalists in general.”

As previously reported, Daniel has shown great support for his father by describing what he’s doing as “audacious awesomeness.”

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“I have much respect for my father and his cause,” Daniel wrote recently on his website in a post titled “’My Wiki dad needs a break, ffs.”

“And these ridiculously ill-handled allegations of sexual abuse serve only to distract from the audacious awesomeness that he has actually done.”

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Daniel is a software developer residing in Melbourne, and describes himself as “an avowed atheist, bisexual, transhumanist, appreciator of Pokémon and a host of other self-identifications that lead elderly conservatives to slowly shake their heads and mutter incoherently about the mounting degradation of moral fortitude in modern society.”


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Inside The WikiLeaks Scandal: Who Is Julian Assange?

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