Girl Who Taped Miley Cyrus Bong Video Was Best Friends With Demi Lovato

Anna Oliver, the girl who allegedly taped the video of Miley Cyrus smoking out of a bong, was also best friends with another troubled teen star. has learned that Oliver and Demi Lovato were very close friends, even going to church together.

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Though Lovato recently went into a treatment center for physical and emotional issues following her physical assault on one of her tour dancers, the Disney star’s time with Oliver seemed innocent and G-rated despite Oliver’s taped night of debauchery with Cyrus this fall.

In March 2010, Oliver and Lovato- along with Joe Jonas– were photographed going to church together in Los Angeles.  The two girls spent a lot of time with one another in the spring and Lovato posted plenty of photos of her and Oliver, calling each other “BFF”s.

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In February 2010, the pals hit Disneyland with a group and also posted plenty of hilarious, silly photos of them playing around with fake mustaches.

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Since her name was leaked as the shooter of the Cyrus video, Oliver has gone into hiding, even deleting her Twitter page.

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