EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Lindsay Lohan Accuser Is ‘A Violent Woman & A Gold Digger,’ Says Ex-Husband

Timothy Holland, the ex-husband of the woman who was fired from the Betty Ford Center for releasing Lindsay Lohan‘s confidential medical records, tells RadarOnline.com his former wife is “a violent woman and a gold digger.”

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In an exclusive interview, Timothy said his marriage to Dawn was like being married to a “monster.”

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“I remember getting into a confrontation one evening and she started tearing the house up. I had to restrain her,” Tim tells us in a painful interview. “Then I had to file a restraining order after that to have her removed from the property.”

Tim says this was just one of many of Dawn’s physical and verbal abusive tirades.

“The second restraining order was more threats than anything.”

Tim blames his ex-wife’s up-and-down behavior on her drug use.

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“She’s in recovery like, me. When I met Dawn, she was two years in recovery from drug addiction, specifically crack cocaine.”

As RadarOnline.com was first to report, Dawn was fired by the center Tuesday. In a statement, Betty Ford said Dawn “violated strict confidentiality guidelines and laws by publicly identifying patients in a media interview and by disclosing a privileged document.”

Tim says the rehab center was right for firing his ex because she cannot be trusted.

“She’s a golddigger,” he tells us. “When I met Dawn I had a $137-thousand dollars cash. When I was broke, Dawn left. My house was in foreclosure. Dawn is a gold digger. She used me. She took my money and she used it to her advantage. When i was broke she left.”

Dawn admitted to RadarOnline.com that the gossip web site TMZ paid her at least $10,000 for her information on Lindsay Lohan and she also gave them a document disclosing what happened the night she says Lindsay attacked her. Now, Holland and TMZ could be facing a criminal investigation for violating HIPAA.

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“She’s looking for money and fame,” Tim says of Dawn’s illegal activity of providing TMZ with classified documents — documents she knew could were confidential and could lead to her unemployed. “She’s looking for money. She’s just a gold digger.”

While it bothers Tim to this day to talk about the abuse and pain he went through while married to Dawn, he says he’s glad the courts stepped in.

“I have a 5 year restraining order on me from her. I volunarly asked the judge to keep it in place.”

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As Lindsay claiming she was grabbed and assaulted by Dawn, the ex-husband says he does not put it past her.

“She has it in her, the propensity to be violent,” Tim says. “She’s been that way with me. She’s been hands on with me.”

In court documents, Dawn has also claimed that her former husband was physically abusive to her on more than one occasion and she sought a restraining order against him.


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