EXCLUSIVE: Sister Of Missing Vegas Showgirl Gives Police DNA

The sister of Missing Las Vegas showgirl Deborah Flores Narvaez tells RadarOnline.com that police have taken a sample of her DNA.

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Celeste Flores Narvaez said Vegas police requested the sample a few days ago to have on file.

The search for Flores Narvaez, who went missing December 14th, is ongoing. There has been little information since police found her car in an abandoned area several days after she disappeared.

Meanwhile, Celeste has organized a search party of her own, assembling volunteers to hand out missing fliers in the area where the car was found, and the area where her sister was last seen.

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Celeste says she has not been in touch with her sister’s  on-again/off-again boyfriend Jason “Blu” Griffith, the man she was going to see the night she disappeared.

Police say Griffith is not a suspect.

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