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EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENT: Police Officer’s Report From Hulk Hogan Wedding Brawl

The police officer who responded to a brawl between a photographer and security guard at Hulk Hogan’s wedding watched video shot by the photog and warned him not to air it.

That’s according to the officer’s preliminary report, which has been obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com.

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENT: Police Officer’s Preliminary Report From Hulk Hogan Wedding Brawl

Photographer Robert Martinez and Ron Howard, who was working security for Hulk, got into a physical altercation Tuesday night. Martinez was on the beach filming Hulk’s outdoor wedding to Jennifer McDaniel.

According to the report, Howard told police Martinez choked him.  The photog claimed he was on public property when Howard harassed him.

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“I looked over the video in the camera,” Officer Williams wrote. “I did see a quick glimpse of Martinez’s hand on Howard’s throat. But I cannot say if he put it there on purpose of by accident (sic) during the physical confrontation. I did hear Martinez state ‘I have a gun.’”

The officer also says that Martinez lunged at Howard – even while being escorted away from Hulk’s property.

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It all took place in Clearwater, Florida where  Hulk is very popular and people close to Martinez say they believe the former wrestler is getting more than the benefit of the doubt here.

Officer Williams notes in his preliminary report that it appear the photog is on private property. “It looked like he was hiding behind bushes and on other private property,” he wrote after watching the video.

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“I explained that Howard did not want to press charges and that the video on his camera is considered evidence. I told him that since Howard did not want to press charges that I would not seize the video, but it would be in his best interest not to air that video.”

In the end, the photog took off with the video, Hulk got married and sources close to Martinez say he believes he got a raw deal by cops protecting a local celebrity.


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