VIDEO: Prince Charles On The Media: ‘They’re Full Of It, Aren’t They?’

Prince Charles had some wise words of advice for his son Prince William, whose engagement to beauty Kate Middleton was announced this week: “Don’t take the advice of the media.”

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“They’re full of it aren’t they?” Prince Charles, 62, told NBC’s Brian Williams of the media in a rare interview with the royal conducted in a Scottish castle. “I give [Prince William] constant lecturing and advice.”

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Prince Charles called today’s media climate “very intrusive and very difficult indeed … in my day, it was definitely not.”

Of representing England’s royal family, Prince Charles said, “I suppose, really, you pick it up as you go along from a very young age, and it gradually dawns on you what it’s all about … you watch and you learn.”

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Williams also went there — as in, asking Prince Charles the uncomfortable question if he ever speculates about his lifelong ambition of becoming the King of England.

“It’s much better not to,” he said. “If it comes to it, it regrettably comes to it as the death of your parent, which is not too nice, to say the least — if it comes, then you have to deal with it.”

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Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer in July of 1981 in front of an estimated global TV audience of 750 million people.



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