EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Kendra’s Girl Next Door Co-Star Says Long-Distance Romance Will Work

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It’s legally recognized as a religion in the U.S. and boasts A-list believers like Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

But another former Scientologist has spoken out against the organization, this time at an event called The Cult In Your Backyard.

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Martin Padfield – who was a devotee for 31 years– spoke at the conference on Saturday in East Grinstead, England, the same town as Scientology's UK headquarters.

The 50-year-old says he became a member of the “dangerous, corrupt and sinister cult” at 19 after being introduced to it by a builder working on his parents’ home.

Bridget Marquardt has leapt to the defense of her one-time Playboy housemate Kendra Wilkinson telling RadarOnline.com in an exclusive video interview that just because Kendra and her NFL hubby are now in a long-distance marriage, it doesn’t mean there’s trouble in paradise.

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“That all has to come from at home and your level of communication and I think that’s the number one thing,” Bridget told RadarOnline.com.

“It’s so hard being on a reality show and having everything scrutinized — like people are saying, ‘She’s moving back to L.A., oh, they must be fighting,’ but not necessarily.

“It’s probably hard with a baby to keep moving back and forth. Having one stable place is probably better for everyone involved.”

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When reports surfaced that Kendra was returning to Los Angeles, California, with 10-month-old son Hank IV- but without her husband Hank Baskett who plays for the Minnesota Vikings- rumors spread that the reality show couple was headed for Splitsville.

Even though Bridget has had concerns of her own filming a new reality show alongside her significant other, she said Kendra never voiced any worries about jumping onto the reality show bandwagon with her own popular self-titled series documenting her life outside the mansion with her new husband and baby.

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“Kendra never voiced any concerns about her doing the reality show; it kind of just happened and it happened very quickly,” Bridget said.

“One day she was moving out of the mansion, the next day it was ‘by the way, I have a boyfriend’, the next day it was like ‘by the way, we’re getting married’… within a couple months all those changes happened, so I don’t think she had much time to think about it.”

Kendra, whose show’s third season on E! started Sunday, has already blasted break-up rumors.

“We take advantage of Skype, texting,” the 25-year-old said.

“It’s actually a blessing in disguise,” she added. “We get a chance to know each other all over again and communicate.”

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Said Bridget: “I’m sure it’s better for her and all of them to have a stable spot that  she’s comfortable with.

“I couldn’t imagine trying to live in Indianapolis or Philly with a new baby and not knowing anybody or anything around so I’m sure it’s really hard.”

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Now that Kendra’s back in Southern California, Bridget said she hasn’t talked to her yet but hopes to reconnect with her one-time co-star – and maybe even babysit!

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“She probably doesn’t want me to,” Bridget said laughingly. “Although I think I would be a really good babysitter. I used to babysit a lot growing up so I can do it.”


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