EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Responds To Child Abuse Claims

Amid claims she left her daughter Sophia at a child care facility for 12 hours a day and sometimes up to seven times a week, Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has chosen to speak out to RadarOnline.com, declaring: “I would never forget my daughter.”

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Childcare worker Brittney Scheer, a licensed provider in Council Bluffs, Iowa, who looked after the tot for nine months, says the first time that she met the 19-year-old single mom she “showed me the diaper bag and went out the door”.

“I’d have Sophia virtually all day, every day,” Scheer told OK! Magazine. “Farrah left the baby with me to run errands and shoot MTV — and sometimes she’d forget to come get her.”

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But now, for the first time, Farrah is opening up about the hit show that has launched her from obscurity to fame and is staunchly defending her parenting.

RadarOnline.com: Why do you feel your caretaker would tell stories like this?

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Farrah: To use Sophia to make money from that magazine. It’s really sad that somebody would use a child like this and do this to her when Sophia’s just a baby.

RadarOnline.com: The childcare worker claims you left Sophia with her and on occasions, forgot her? Is that true?

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Farrah: I don’t know how I would EVER forget my daughter – I love her and she’s all I think about.

RadarOnline.com: According to the childcare worker, Sophia’s development seems worryingly slow and she couldn’t walk. Can she?

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Farrah: Sophia has been walking- she’s been walking for 9 months. That includes when Brittney was taking care of her.

RadarOnline.com: When’s the last time this childcare worker watched Sophia?

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Farrah: Brittney has not babysat for Sophia for five months.

RadarOnline.com: What do you do with Sophia?

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Farrah: We love to color together, we love to go out and play on the swings. She’s intrigued by sports right now. She’s also going to start ballet classes soon; she really loves to dance.

RadarOnline.com: How is Sophia? Does she play with other kids, or what were her most recent words?

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Farrah: Sophia is doing awesome – she’s healthy and really good – a cute little toddler now. She says lots of sentences, like “I love you” all the time. She loves watching Barney. She plays with the kids in the park on her “park day” all the time. The other day she was with us while we were walking my sister’s dog and she was sharing the dog with all of the kids on the playground. Sophia is very nice child; she knows her manners and she’s very friendly with other kids.

RadarOnline.com: How difficult is it to be away from your child as a working mom?

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Farrah: It’s VERY difficult. The first time I had to drop Sophia off at my grandparents’ house, I cried. It tears you apart. I’m always very concerned and looking out for her, also, I just want to say that she always has clean clothes, food and has everything she needs.

RadarOnline.com: Does your mom help now that you are working more?

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Farrah: My mom is more involved in Sophia’s life now that I don’t have to work with DHS for childcare. My mom and my grandma help with Sophia a tremendous amount, they’re so supportive.

RadarOnline.com: Do you use a babysitter/daycare right now?

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Farrah: The only time I use a babysitter right now is when my mom or grandmother can’t watch Sophia, when I’m at school or working I have to use a babysitter for a few hours sometimes. I have responsibilities and I’m a single parent.


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