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EXCLUSIVE: Gloria Allred Responds To Saturday Night Live Parody – ‘It Made Me Smile’

Over the weekend, Gloria Allred was the center of a scathing skit on Saturday Night Live, but she laughed off the parody.

In an exclusive statement to RadarOnline.com, Allred reacted to the spoof that quickly went viral.

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“I understand that standing up for the rights of women and minorities, which I have done for 35 years, will make me a target of criticism, jokes and name calling,” Allred told us.

“None of that has deterred me from working for justice and social change, which I will continue to do.

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Saturday night’s show opened with the following disclaimer: “The following program is presented by attorney Gloria Allred, and is intended solely for self-promotion.”

The powerhouse attorney has been making news for representing Nicky Diaz, a former housekeeper of California Republican candidate for governor Meg Whitman.

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The segment titled “Ask Gloria Allred” had new SNL castmember Nasim Pedrad portray Allred answering brutal questions from viewers.

“I am a fan of Saturday Night Live and I have watched them over the years poke fun at Presidents, Governors and celebrities. I laughed when I saw those and I smiled when I saw this comic portrayal of me, but standing up for women and minorities who have been denied their rights is no laughing matter.”

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Allred also had words for the person responsible in the Jerry Brown campaign for referring to Meg Whitman as a “whore” in a voice mail message that made news last week says: “The person who referred to her as a ‘whore’ was wrong. It is offensive for anyone to have used that term. The individual who said it should apologize.”

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