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BIZARRE AUDIO: Randy Quaid: 8 Stars Murdered, Britney, Mel, Lindsay Are Next

After being released from a Canadian detention center on Wednesday Randy Quaid made a bizarre statement to the media in Vancouver where he addressed the “star whackers in Hollywood” and RadarOnline.com has the audio.

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“We believe there are to be a malignant tumor of star whackers in Hollywood. How many people do you know personally who have died suddenly and mysteriously in the past five years?” Quaid said on Thursday.

“I have personally known eight actors, all of whom I have worked with and was close to; Heath Ledger, Chris Penn, David Carradine among them.

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“I believe these actors were whacked and I believe that many others such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson are being played to get at their money.”

In the audio obtained by CKNW News Talk 980 Vancouver, Quaid divulged his life earnings and called out his brother, actor Dennis Quaid.

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“I have earned approximately $40 million dollars throughout my career,” he said.

“I am being embezzled by this monstrous ring of accountants, estate planners and lawyers who are mercilessly slandering me and trying to kill my career and I believe murder me in order to gain control of my royalties.”

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Quaid fingers his former attorney Lloyd Braun, calling him a “bottom feeder” who is “familiar with the ways and means of organized crime.”

“Unfortunately my brother Dennis has made matters worse by buying a house from Mr. Braun on property Braun originally bought with money he embezzled from me,” Quaid said.

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“I recently discovered, much to my surprise, that Dennis is also on the deed to my Santa Barbara property. This is also the work of Mr. Brawn further confounding the validity of the transfer of my fully furnished property in 1992 to Mr. Bruce Berne.”

Finally, in a bizarre bid for work, Quaid announced himself available for new gigs.

“For the past 40 years I have successfully worked in Canadian production and I would like to announce my availability and desire to do so immediately and legally of course,” Quaid said.


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