EXCLUSIVE: Legendary Wrestler Badd Ass Billy Gunn Caught In Illicit Affair & Explicit Tape Scandal

Legendary wrestler Badd Ass Billy Gunn has been caught in a Mel Gibson-esque phone rant to his alleged mistress.

Listen to the expletive-laced audio.

24-year-old Deborah ‘Pinky’ Simovitch of Canada told RadarOnline.com she became romantically involved with the married two-time WWF Hardcore Champion in March of this year.

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But when Badd Ass’ wife uncovered the affair from photos of the couple posted on Facebook “all hell broke loose”.

“She (Badd Ass’ wife) started sending me death threats,” Pinky told us in an exclusive interview.

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“So I started recording my conversations with Kip and I eventually posted them on Youtube.”

Badd Ass — who also goes by the name Monty ‘Kip’ Sopp — was so enraged about how their secret romance became public, he launched into a tirade and announced he wished her “motherf**ker” car would explode and that her ex-boyfriend beat her up.

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“It’s him on the phone,” Pinky said.

In one of the tapes, Badd Ass tells his one-time lover, “You have accomplished what you accomplished and now you have f**ked up my whole f**king life.”

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Pinky remains calm throughout the conversation and refuses to take the blame for ruining his marriage.

“F**k you, don’t say you are sorry,” Badd Ass says.

“If you are sorry  you never would have f**king done it… what we had between us was supposed to stay between us.”

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In the tape, Badd Ass acknowledges their affair by admitted he had revealed everything to his wife, Paula.

“You ain’t got no more f**king sh*t over her,” he said.

“I told her we slept together. I f**king told her I f**king stayed at your house. I told her everything. So it doesn’t f**king matter. So you got nothing more on me.”

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Pinky also says Badd Ass sent text messages – which she stored under the name Kip Sopp (Work) – on her phone.

“We don’t sleep in the same bed,” read one from Badd Ass, supposedly referring to his wife.

“I told u that, so yes I sleep alone thinking of u.”

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And in another text which mirrors Mel Gibson’s anti semantic rage, Badd Ass declares: “I hate Jews.”

Pinky has posted 29 videos in total on YouTube, and insists she has no plans to take them down.

Neither Badd Ass or his wife returned repeated phone calls from RadarOnline.com seeking comment.


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