DVD Releases for September 14, 2010

Casino Jack and the United States of Money (R)

Once upon a time, lobbyist Jack Abramoff was the apple of politicians eyes: He brought in big money, and seemed to know everyone — from Angolan freedom fighters to casino owners and even lifeguards. But in 2006, a scandal broke that was so big that it sent the high-flying politico to jail for four years, and exposed deep cracks in America’s relationship with money and politics. Casino Jack untangles the web of Abramoff’s work, and reveals the true story of the con-artist’s deep influence that went far beyond the Beltway. (Alex Gibney [Director], Jack Abramoff [Himself], [Tom DeLay [Himself])

Gleeks And Cheerios: Long Wait Is Over

Just Wright

Queen Latifah plays Leslie Wright, a sassy, lovable physical therapist who just got her dream gig rehabbing hot-shot NBA All-Star Scott McKnight. Their training is going great until she starts to feel warm fuzzies for her sexy client, who’s got some warm fuzzies himself — not for Leslie but for her BFF, a knock-out who’s determined to become an NBA wife. As Leslie works on getting Scott ready to return to the court and his career, will she be willing to make a play on the court of love? (Queen Latifah [Leslie Wright], Common [Scott McKnight], Paula Patton [Morgan])

More DVD Releases

Letters to Juliet (PG)

Get ready for some sticky-sweet amore set in the sun-washed hills of Verona, Italy. When Sophie tags along for a so-called romantic holiday with her husband-to-be, she gets left alone, and joins a group of women who answer letters to the love-lorn on behalf of Shakespeare’s fabled Juliet. But when her letter inspires an elderly woman to find her in Verona and seek out her long-lost love, Sophie gets more trip than she bargained for — including a star-crossed crush on a man who might just be the real thing. (Amanda Seyfried [Sophie], Vanessa Redgrave [Claire], Christopher Egan [Charlie])

Movie Review: The American

Prince of Persia (PG-13)

Danger, romance and swash-buckling mix for an epic desert adventure in the big-screen debut of Prince of Persia. In the game-turned-movie, Jake Gyllenhaal unveils eye-popping muscles as Dastan, a prince who must try and retrieve a magic, time-changing sword from the hands of evil before the world is destroyed. But saving the planet isn’t all blood and sweat: Between fist-fights and backflips, our unlikely hero meets a beautiful princess who gives him something to live for — that is, if he survives his mission. (Jake Gyllenhaal [Dastan], Gemma Arterton [Tamina], Ben Kingsley [Nizam])

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