VIDEO: Montana Fishburne & Boyfriend Talk Kim K., Fallout With Dad, & 'Leopard Booty'

Laurence Fishburne’s porn star daughter Montana, with boyfriend J Pipes at her side, gave a revealing interview in which she talked about the comparisons between she and Kim Kardashian, her fallout with her famous father, and the oft-discussed spots and marks on her rear end.

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Montana — who has done two porn movies, one with Vivid, one with porn star/rap wanna-be Jeremy Pumper — told YouTube user Skyy John that what you see in her films trumps that of Kardashian’s taped tryst with ex-boyfriend Ray J.

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“Our tapes are different, you’re getting more of a performance,” Montana said.

J Pipes denied the claims made by one of Fishburne’s former friends that he’s been pimping The Matrix star’s daughter.

“Man, I’m not a pimp at all, I’m her boyfriend, ain’t nowhere near a pimp,” J Pipes said. “B—h is lying.”

Fishburne said her famous father probably could have gotten her a part in a mainstream film, but porn was her main goal all along. She acknowledged there’s a rift with her father, who she called “a good guy,” and said she believes they will eventually reconcile.

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She was also asked about the splotches of discolorations on her derriere, which are easily visible in the films.

“I’ve had spots on my butt forever — it ‘s a leopard booty,” she said, laughing.

J Pipes said he was on set during Fishburne’s scene with Pumper, but was not overcome by jealousy witnessing his girlfriend have sex with another man.

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“Business is business — you condition your mind different to different things and you can get over it,”  he said.


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