EXCLUSIVE: Michael Lohan Threatens To Sue Tiger Woods Mistress Rachel Uchitel

He’s just put one court case behind him with ex-fiancée Kate Major, but that isn’t stopping Michael Lohan from jumping right into his next one—with Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel!

In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Lohan says he’s considering taking Rachel to court for allegedly failing to pay him commission on deals he helped her get– including her well publicized stint on Celebrity Rehab.

Here’s how it breaks down– Lohan says he introduced Rachel to Hollywood talent manager, David Weintraub, who agreed to represent Uchitel as a client. Weintraub got Rachel the gig on Celebrity Rehab where she was paid a reported $500,000.

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That’s when Rachel got greedy—according to Lohan, refusing to pay part of Weintraub’s 20 percent commission.

Michael says he has a deal with Weintraub to split commissions from people he introduces as potential clients.

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“She made a first payment of $60,000, but then decided to take the rest of the money and use it for charity, which wasn’t her call,” Lohan told RadarOnline.com. “Now she’s trying to take back her original payment as well.”

Lohan says Rachel’s got a week to pay up or he’s taking her to court.

RadarOnline.com spoke to Rachel’s attorney, Gloria Allred, who gave us the following statement:

“Rachel has no agreement either in writing or otherwise with Michael Lohan. She is mystified as to why he believes he has any legal claim. She will not dignify his comments about her with any additional response. She has no further comment on this matter.”

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David Weintraub spoke to RadarOnline.com through his attorney, Dana Cole, who said “We are very upset how Rachel has handled David’s compensation for the services he rendered in negotiating her participation in Celebrity Rehab.”

As for Weintraub’s partnership with Lohan, Cole told RadarOnline.com, “There is no ongoing or existing business relationship between Michael and David but Michael did assist in introducing Rachel to David, a favor that at first David appreciated, but as time has gone on and Rachel has proved so difficult it is much less appreciated. I think Michael is very frustrated at all that has gone on, and to a certain extent I can understand why.” 

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