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Justin Bieber: My Teachers Were Mean To Me!

By Radar Staff

With a babyface that’s caught the world by storm, you’d think Justin Bieber was a natural to be a teacher’s pet. Think again.



Rebecca Black: I Left School Because Of Teasing Over Friday

By Radar Staff

Rebecca Black has found both fame — and infamy – since the release of her song Friday.

The 14-year-old Anaheim, California girl, whose … READ MORE


Gunman Reported At Virginia Tech; Campus On Lockdown

By Radar Staff

The campus of Virginia Tech was put on lockdown Thursday morning after three children attending summer camps at the university reported see… READ MORE


PHOTOS: Halle Berry And Nahla Head Home From School

By Radar Staff

Halle Berry was looking like a thoroughly yummy mommy Friday when she picked-up her daughter Nahla from school in Los Angeles.

Despite being … READ MORE


PHOTOS: Michael Douglas – One Class Act

Always the class act, Michael Douglas walked his daughter to school in New York City on Tuesday, and has the latest pics of the Wall Street s… READ MORE


HoodieBuddie: For Back-to-School

Can’t bring your iPod into school? Just throw on a HoodieBuddie which has built –in headphones! The secret is in the standard headphone jack in the front poc… READ MORE


PHOTO: Road Worker Gets School Crossing Spelling Wrong

Looks like someone’s getting detention!

A road contractor in North Carolina was recently hired to paint the word “school” near a high … READ MORE

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PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin Introduces New Girlfriend To His Kids

Things must be getting serious between Jon Gosselin and his new girlfriend, Ellen Ross – so serious in fact that the reality dad of 8 introduced Ellen … READ MORE

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PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Back To The Grind

Kate Gosselin is getting back into the grind of everyday life following her stint on Dancing With The Stars, which ended when she was voted off two weeks ago.… READ MORE

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PHOTOS: Sandra Bullock’s Husband Drops Kids Off – Still W...

While his wife, Sandra Bullock, remains in seclusion Jesse James carries on his life as usual – dropping his kids off at school in Huntington Beach on Friday… READ MORE

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PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin Picks The Twins Up From School

Despite the rainy weather, Jon Gosselin was sunshine and smiles on Tuesday while picking up his twins, Cara and Mady, from school near their home in PA.


RADAR Online

Kate Gosselin picks up her daughters after their first day at school

In the morning both Jon and Kate Gosselin saw the girls off to their first day at school, after meeting in the car park.

Click here for more pictures


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VIDEO: Jon & Kate Reunite Thursday To Send Twins Off To School

Jon and Kate Gosselin are putting aside their war of words — at least for the time being — for the sake of their kids.

The bickering couple came to… READ MORE