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Police Chief Jailed For Sarah Jessica Parker Surrogate Break-In

An Ohio police chief has been sentenced to two years and eight months behind bars following the break-in at the house of Michelle Ross, the surrogate who car… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Sarah Jessica Parker Talks Twins, Mole With David Letterman

This holiday season, Sarah Jessica Parker is down a mole, but up two beautiful babies, the actress told David Letterman on the Late Show Tuesday night.


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Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Enormous Regrets” Over Sex ...

Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker has admitted she feels  ‘enormous regrets’ about doing the sequel movie to the hit series because it has put so muc… READ MORE

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NEW PHOTOS: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Twins And The City

With mom Sarah Jessica Parker busy working on her big screen Sex and the City sequel and dad Matthew Broderick wrapping up his next film Margaret, the nannie… READ MORE

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Sarah Jessica Parker Brings Twins to Work!

As if having Carrie Bradshaw as a mom didn’t make them the coolest girls on the playground, now Sarah Jessica Parker‘s twins have even more bra… READ MORE

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FIRST LOOK: Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick Welcome Home...

Ferris Bueller won’t be getting days off anytime soon.

Matthew Broderick (who played the aforementioned 80’s pop culture icon) and his mega… READ MORE

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Surrogate Delivers Twins Of Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broederick welcomed a pair of twins Tuesday, born to an Ohio woman who served as the celebrity couple’s surrogate m… READ MORE

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Son (Finally) Gets a Haircut

With their twin girls on the way via a surrogate this summer, Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick finally took care of one bit of unfinished b… READ MORE

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Broderick ‘Nervous’ for Twin Girls

Actor Matthew Broderick has spoken out for the first time on he and Sarah Jessica Parker‘s upcoming delivery of twins.

Stopping by David Letterman&… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: The Real Story Behind Sarah Jessica Parker’s Surrog...

“Happily anticipating” the birth of their twin daughters via a surrogate later this summer, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick got some early bab… READ MORE